Eyes give us not only vision but also provide beauty to our appearance. The eyes look beautiful for two reasons, the color of the eyes and the eyelashes. The eyelashes not only beautify the look of the eyes but also protect them. The eyelashes are made up of long and thick hair follicles placed on the ledge of the upper and lower eyelids. They do the job of safeguarding the eyes from wind, perspiration, and particles from entering the eyes. Hence, they play an important role in retaining the moisture of the eyes and keeping it safe from any harm caused by external elements. However, they tend to fall off due to various reasons predominantly due to hypotrichosis.

As the eyes lose the eyelashes, it starts appearing dull and awkward. Women generally resort to fake eyelashes or use mascara heavily to mitigate eyelash loss. However, there is one drug that can help in restoring the lost eyelashes and that is Bimatoprost. It is a cosmetic ophthalmic eye solution that can help in making the eyelashes longer and thicker again. Bimatoprost wimpern serum is a medication specially developed to deal with eyelash loss issues. It can also help in managing eye disease such as glaucoma which can impact vision due to an increase in eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve. People buy Bimatoprost augentropfen online to deal with eyelash falling issues or to treat the glaucoma problem. It is one of the most popular ophthalmic solutions around the world and you can buy Bimatoprost online at a cheap price.

How does Bimatoprost work for eyelash growth?

Bimatoprost Kaufen contains the chemical of the same name that works to make the eyelashes longer and thicker. In general, the eyelashes growth process is the same as the hair on the scalp. It grows in four cycles which include anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. The cycle continues for several months. How Bimatoprost works to grow the eyelashes is not known yet. However, it is thought that this drug aids in elongating the growth phase (anagen phase) in making the eyelashes longer and thicker. This is the reason why Bimatoprost Kaufen is so popular and bought extensively online for the cosmetic use of eyelash growth. The serum can also help in easing the eye pressure inside the eyes due to the accumulation of aqueous humor fluid as the outflow channel gets blocked. The solution eases the eye pressure and helps in draining out the fluid from the eyes, preventing further damage to the optic nerve and the vision of the eyes.

Dosage of Bimatoprost online

Bimatoprost serum comes in a bottle with an applicator and wand that has a striking resemblance to a mascara wand. You need to talk to the doctor or read the instructions carefully that come along on the leaflet. You also need to speak to an ophthalmic specialist to know how you can get the maximum benefit of Bimatoprost wimpern serum. Before using it you have to remove all makeup, contact lens, and mascara from the eyes. Washing the eyes thoroughly prior to the use of Bimatoprost is recommended. No trace of makeup should be left behind.

You have to dip the wand into the bottle and then apply the serum on the eyelashes of the upper lids of the eyes. Remove the excess solution on the wand before applying it to the eyelashes. Apply the solution on the base of the eyelashes and extend it to the tip of the hair follicles, the same way as you use mascara. Mind that Bimatoprost solution does not get into your eyes at all. If accidentally the solution gets into your eyes, wash them thoroughly with water.

Bimatoprost does not show instant results and hence do not expect so. With regular and proper usage, the eye serum will take around 16 weeks to show visible results. The best time to use Bimatoprost Kaufen online is at night while going to sleep. Don’t use it twice a day since it will not have any additional effect. Therefore, keep these things in mind when buying Bimatoprost online for eyelash growth treatment.

Precautions and side effects of Bimatoprost Kaufen

There are some mandatory precautions that you need to adhere to when using this eye solution for eyelash growth or glaucoma treatment.

You need to remove the contact lenses if you are using any before applying Bimatoprost online. Remove the contact lenses and wait for at least 15 before using the drug.

You need to take care that the solution does not get contaminated by any bacteria or other things. If contaminated solution gets in your eyes it can cause harm to your eyes. Hence, take care of bottle hygiene when using the solution.

In some rare cases, the Bimatoprost serum might change the color of the eyes by increasing brown pigment. Use the solution with caution and contact the doctor if you see such changes.

Some people might be allergic to the chemical Bimatoprost and other contents of the drug. Anyone having such an issue should not use Bimatoprost Kaufen online for eyelash growth treatment.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should consult the doctor before using the drug.

Do not use the solution in excess as it will not show any fast results. The serum will act on eyelashes as per its designated period.

Do not use the solution if you are currently experiencing any other eye ailment.

Consult the doctor before using Bimatoprost if you are dealing with health issues like kidney and liver issues.

Side effects of Bimatoprost online

  • Burning or itching
  • Eye pain
  • Eye swelling
  • Eye reddening
  • Blurred vision
  • Discharge from eye
  • Headache
  • Double vision
  • Colorblindness
  • Changes in eye color
  • Blindness

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